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We believe that everyone needs a place where they can meet God, grow spiritually, and find Gods purpose for their lives.  

We are part of the United Methodist Church.  The UMC is a large family of churches all over Columbus and the world.  You can learn more about us here

Redeemers prayer:

Heavenly Father,

Let us acknowledge that all people need a place to know you without politics, conflicts, division and distractions. We need a place free from judgment that cares nothing about a person’s past, a place where the gospel is proclaimed and lives are healed.

Help us to be a sanctuary: a place where we are encouraged, strengthened and invited to go deeper in our relationship with you. A place where the Gospel is proclaimed, the Bible is studied, and where you are praised through both word and song.

Help us to be a place free from modern lines of division. Free from division that are generational, racial, ideological, or economical. Free from opinions and preferences, which are as numerous as the sand on the shore. May we always remember that in Christ, there is not male or female, Jew or gentile, slave or free.

Help us to acknowledge that all people are sinners and that there exists none that are free from sin in word, action, or thought. Yet you were born into the mist of this broken world and loved it regardless. You continue through your Holy Spirit to lead your people to healing and hope.

A place like this does not accidentally happen, it is built. You established your church to be such a place founded on the Apostles and continued through millennia.

You established Redeemer to be such a place. Help us to build it. Help us to be it.


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